Supply chain

We have an extensive network of suppliers who make a critical contribution to the continued success of our business

Our procurement strategy is focused on creating and sustaining value for Saputo Dairy UK by working hand in hand with our suppliers to deliver excellent quality and service to our customers and consumers.

Our suppliers are a key source of innovation and we welcome new ideas which may help us to bring enhanced value for our consumers, achieve greater cost efficiencies or support our environmental and sustainability targets.

Great British supply chain

Fundamental to our business is the high quality milk which is supplied to us by farmers across the South West of England. We also source raw materials, packaging and services from around the world.

Our production, packaging and distribution facilities in Davidstow and Nuneaton are two of the most advanced of their kind, enabling us to deliver food and ingredients with unrivalled quality and consistency.

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Dedicated milk pool

500m litres of milk From
330 farmers