Dairy Crest plc paid the following dividends since flotation in August 1996 up until its delisting in April 2019: 

Year ended Type Amount Paid
31-Mar-97 Interim 3.26p 23-Jan-97
Final 6.64p 05-Aug-97
31-Mar-98 Interim 3.5p 22-Jan-98
Final 7.4p 06-Aug-98
31-Mar-99 Interim 3.85p 22-Jan-99
Final 8.15p 05-Aug-99
31-Mar-00 Interim 4.15p 24-Jan-00
Final 8.85p 09-Aug-00
31-Mar-01 Interim 4.5p 25-Jan-01
Final 9.6p 09-Aug-01
31-Mar-02 Interim 4.8p 29-Jan-02
Final 10.4p 09-Aug-02
31-Mar-03 Interim 5.1p 30-Jan-03
Final 11.3p 11-Aug-03
31-Mar-04 Interim 5.5p 29-Jan-04
Final 13.4p 09-Aug-04
31-Mar-05 Interim 5.9p 31-Jan-05
Final 14.3p 09-Aug-05
31-Mar-06 Interim 6.3p 31-Jan-06
Final 15.2p 09-Aug-06
31-Mar-07 Interim 6.7p 30-Jan-07
Final 16.2p 08-Aug-07
31-Mar-08 Interim 7.1p 31-Jan-08
Final 17.3p 07-Aug-08
31-Mar-09 Interim 7.1p 29-Jan-09
Final 13.0p 06-Aug-09
31-Mar-10 Interim 5.3p 28-Jan-10
Final 13.6p 05-Aug-10
31-Mar-11 Interim 5.5p 27-Jan-11
Final 14.2p 04-Aug-11
31-Mar-12 Interim 5.7p 26-Jan-12
Final 14.7p 04-Aug-12
31-Mar-13 Interim 5.7p 24-Jan-13
Final 15.0p 01-Aug-13
31-Mar-14 Interim 5.9p 30-Jan-14
Final 15.4p 07-Aug-14
31-Mar-15 Interim 6.0p 29-Jan-15
Final 15.7p 06-Aug-15
31-Mar-16 Interim 6.1p 28-Jan-16
Final 16p 11-Aug-16
31-Mar-17 Interim 6.2p 26-Jan-17
Final 16.3p 11-Aug-17
31-Mar-18 Interim 6.3p 25-Jan-18
Final 16.3p 10-Aug-18
31-Mar-19 Interim 6.4p 31-Jan-19


Duplicate tax vouchers can be obtained from Equiniti, on payment of a fee.