Dairy Crest praises Dairy Crest Direct's launch of the UK's first Dairy Producer Organisation


Dairy Crest has welcomed the launch last week by Dairy Crest Direct (DCD) of the first EU and UK Government approved, Dairy Producer Organisation (DPO) in the UK. Dairy Crest Direct (DCD) the independent organisation representing farmers supplying Dairy Crest, is the first organisation in the UK to be granted the status. The provision to establish DPOs was passed into law by the EU Parliament and Council in December 2013. DCD's application was partly funded through Defra's Dairy Fund and their application to the RPA was approved earlier this year.

Mike Sheldon, Dairy Crest's Managing Director, Dairies said:

"We have actively supported DCD throughout the process of gaining approval to become a DPO. We recognise their hard work and enthusiasm in reaching this unique position and have revised our Milk Producer Agreement to reflect their new status."

The DPO was welcomed by George Eustice MP, Farming Minister at DEFRA:

"We want a competitive and resilient dairy industry which is why I congratulate Dairy Crest Direct on forming the first Dairy Producer Organisation in the UK. Working together, and supported by a £110,000 grant from Defra's Dairy Fund, the farmers within Dairy Crest Direct will have greater power to negotiate the price of their milk and give themselves more clout in the market place."

"I encourage other dairy farmers to look at this model which is a major step forward in putting the industry on a stronger footing for the future and enabling it to take advantage of the significant long-term opportunities that exist for growth in this sector."

Read the DCD press release here.