Food Quality and Safety

Our operating principle is always to put food quality and safety first

We are committed to offering our customers and consumers products made with high industry standards for safety, nutritional value and quality.

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Major Non-compliances


Regulatory Compliance

Maintain compliance with all regulatory and customer requirements. Zero major non-conformances raised during audits and zero non-compliance notices raised by enforcement authorities.

All sites have zero major non compliances and zero enforcement non compliance notices.

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Food Safety and Culture

Drive a food safety and quality culture within the organisation through mandatory food safety training. All site, Group Technical and R&D employees to complete the required Food Safety & Quality training.

All sites are making progress towards all required employees completing required training by the end of 2019.



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Reduce Complaints

To meet our internal CPMU (complaints per million units) targets and drive a year on year reduction for all brands.

We continue to work on reducing complaints and ensuring our products are of the utmost quality.